Hair Growth Lab Program Bundle Payment Plan

$650.00 / month for 6 months

Hair Growth Lab is a fully customised 5-week online program for women who are ready to reject hair care misinformation so they can overcome their hair problems, take control over their hair results, and reclaim their self-confidence.

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What is Hair Growth Lab?

…and how does it work?


Hair Growth Lab is a fully customized 5-week online program for women who are ready to reject hair care misinformation so they can overcome their hair problems, take control over their hair results, and reclaim their self-confidence.


The best part about it?

The program is a step-by-step system that gives you the right tasks, in the right order, on a week-by-week and day-by-day basis.

Step 1: Hair Profile Assessment

You’ll start by setting your hair goals and analyzing your hair problems and hair care history. Then you’ll assess your lifestyle, environment, and routine to see what can stay, what must go, and what can be improved to get the hair results you want.

Step 2: Customise Your Routine

Based on your individual goals and hair profile assessment, you’ll build a routine that is fully customized to you. Your routine will be designed to fit your lifestyle while combating the damage that occurs from your environment. You’ll end up with a perfect hair care routine and product selection tailored to your unique needs.

Step 3: Ensure Results

We understand that being consistent isn’t always easy. We’ve built a system that makes doing your hair care routine so much fun, so you can stick with it over the long term. Throughout the program, you’ll implement accountability systems that help you stay on track long into the future. You’ll also have access to other women on the same journey so you can give and receive support whenever you need it.


Course Outline

In week one, you set your hair goals and assess your genetics profile.

Are you looking to resolve your scalp issues? Hair loss? Do you want to reduce your split ends? Frizz? Dandruff? Do you want to grow longer hair? Thicker strands? More strands overall? Those are important questions we’ll answer to lay the foundation for the rest of your journey.

After that, you’ll learn how to set specific and measurable goals for when and how you’ll reach your desired hair outcomes.

The process of setting the foundation helps you stay on track and identify which resources, tips and practices you really need to focus on as you move through the program.

You’ll also learn what parts of your current hair results are genetic and which are just a result of poor practices.

For example, you might think you have genetically had frizzy hair but what it could be is you’re using a conditioner that’s incompatible with your hair type and results in static and frizz.

Throughout the week, you’ll be tasked with running hair experiments to identify your unique hair profile. By the end of week 1, you’ll have your hair genetics profile filled out and ready to go.

This document is critical and will inform your haircare decisions going forward. It will be especially important in Week 3&4 when you start eliminating, replacing, or making products that are compatible with your profile.


Week 2 is dedicated to your Internal Growth and External Maintenance Profile

You’ll work on building out your internal growth profile and your external maintenance profile. These profiles consider factors related to your environment and lifestyle and how each one affects your current hair results.

There are many issues that arise from poor lifestyle practices and environmental factors and we’ll run through all the ways to manage and combat them throughout the week.
And based on your unique profiles, you’ll be tasked with filtering through the effective practices required to help you reach your desired hair goals.

Get ready to start implementing and shifting your habits, because you’re going to learn a lot about how to grow longer, stronger, and thicker hair as well as reduce hair fall and damage this week.


Week 3 and 4 is where everything finally comes together and you use your 3 profiles to create the perfect customized hair care routine and product selection.

In those weeks you’ll get the hair care routine blueprint that details all the steps you need (or don’t need) for a highly effective hair care routine. You’ll work through each step individually and identify if you need it, what to use for it, how often to incorporate it, and how to apply it correctly and efficiently for your specific goals and concerns.

We’ll run through pre-wash and post-wash routines as well as cleansing and conditioning.

We’ll also cover detangling and brushing techniques and tools for your specific hair profile that are essential for reducing breakage, hair-fall, and static.


Week 5 is the final week is all about setting you up to maintain your newly revived hair for many years to come.

The final week is all about setting you up to maintain your newly revived hair for many years to come. This week is a super important part of the program because there are some mistakes that can totally destroy your hair and reverse all your efforts if you’re not careful. Most women, including you, are already committing most of these mistakes without realizing.

As your hair improves with your new routine, your hair profile changes along with it. So we’ll also run through what you need to do as you reach your hair goals and continue to achieve better and better hair.


Beyond the program…

And throughout the entire 5-week program, we put accountability systems in place and everyone inside the community including myself will support you to make sure you stick to your routine way beyond the 5-week course period.