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Black Friday Special

All you have to do is subscribe for one more year and…

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  • Lifetime Access to Hairqare Lab

You’ll keep access to the course for LIFE. Hairqare wisdom will always be available for you whenever you get stuck, feel lost or need some motivation!

  • Exclusive VIP Bonus Resource Library

Receive all Hairqare advanced guides worth $1000 as part of your lifetime upgrade. This additional training allows you to progress 10x faster than if you were to do it all by yourself (scroll down to see the full list).

  • Lifetime Access to GlamIQ

The GlamIQ app is in constant development with price increases as it becomes more powerful over time. You’ll receive access to the app forever, for free.

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With today’s Black Friday Special, get our exclusive VIP resource library worth $1000+ for FREE.

Ultimate Guide to Hair Oils

normally $99

Hair oils are a make or break in our hair routine. This guide will make sure that you find the best fitting one(s) for your scalp and hair. Hello flexible, shiny, frizz-free hair and no greasy heavy ends!

The Big Book of Haircare Supplements

normally $199

Getting all the right nutrients in your body to fuel optimal hair growth is a real challenge in our busy lives. Finally understand clearly and simply what to take, when to take it and how to get better hair, skin, sleep, hormonal balance and more!

DIY Homemade Recipe Book

normally $29

This book contains Sarah’s tried and tested true all-time favourite homemade hair masks, scalp treatments and more. The recipes contained in the book are based on years of trial and error. I’ve curated the most simple and effective recipes that can be made with household food items. If you’re looking for organic, chemical-free and easy-to-make hair care recipes, you’ll find plenty in here!

14-Day Hair Growth Meal Plan

normally $99

Modern diets are severely lacking key nutrients for healthy hair growth. Unfortunately, taking supplements simply isn’t enough due to how your body absorbs them.
This 14-Day Meal Plan removes the guessing game when it comes to eating a diet that promotes strong, thick and healthy hair growth. You’ll gain access to 14 days worth of meals which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so you know exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it to give your hair exactly it needs. 

Hair-loving Meals Recipe Book

normally $99

In order for your body to effectively absorb the nutrients your hair needs, they must come from natural sources in natural amounts and paired with other naturally present nutrients. 

The 40+ recipes in this book were developed with a nutritionist and chef when I experienced an extreme bout of hormonal-related hair fall and acne in late-2018. My hair and skin recovered faster than I could imagine and my students have seen great results too!

Bonus Workshop

Easy Routine Schedule

normally $149

In this 7-part workshop, you’ll learn about practical ways to set up your hair care schedule and stick to it. This includes creating effective habits, streamlining your routine and learning to put your haircare regimen on auto-pilot so you can carry out your routine in record time while still gaining maximum results.

Bonus Masterclass

Mindful Shopping

normally $149

This Masterclass will equip you to never fall prey to false advertising while empowering you with the knowledge to identify products that are worth your money. Even better, it will help you cut your spending on haircare by hundreds of dollars per year while maintaining better results for your hair.

Lifetime access to

GlamIQ Scanner App

normally $290

Know in seconds if your products contain harmful ingredients and if this product can be a good fit for you. Can’t find any good products? The app also will give you hundreds of clean recommendations!

What years of haircare motivation looks like:

Short, flat and frizzy to curly & vibrant.

“I had completely abandoned the idea of having long hair. Just thought that my hair was too fine and would always break. Turns out that after almost 3 years with the Lab, my hair is now almost waist length and my curls have never been more shiny and defined. Best investment ever!”

From losing 200+ hair per day to 50 in just 4 weeks

“So far so good and better than ever! At the top is how much hair I used to lose and down there is from my shower this morning. I fee so blessed that I found Sarah and this course, today I love my hair more than ever!”

From insecure to shining confidence.

“I used to constantly tie my hair and hated my curls. After 2 years in the Lab, I fell in love again with my hair and could grow it down to my waist when it didn’t grow well before. It’s almost magic like my new routine ALWAYS gives me the hair I want now. No more random products purchases or hiding my hair in a bun. Thank you so much Hairqare team 💜”

When you upgrade to VIP-Lifetime Hairqare Lab…

Black Friday Special

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Normally $3,499

  • Everything in the 1-year subscription ($497) PLUS…
  • FREE Lifetime Access $2499
  • FREE Ultimate Guide to Hair Oils $99
  • FREE DIY Homemade Haircare Recipes $29
  • FREE Hair-loving Meals Recipe Book $99
  • FREE 14-Day Hair Growth Meal Plan $99
  • FREE Mindful Haircare Shopping Masterclass $149
  • FREE Schedule Your Haircare Routine Workshop $149
  • FREE Big Book of Haircare Supplements $199
  • FREE Lifetime Access to GlamIQ ($60/year)

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