Get ready to transition to a fully homemade luxury haircare routine.

You’re just one quick step away!

Inside the Guide:

🚿 Shampoos
We know how tricky it is to find the right shampoo. That’s why we’ve included more shampoo formulations than you’ll ever need. Prefer shampoo bars over liquid ones? We got you covered. Need a dry shampoo for on the go? Don’t you worry!

🌿 Conditioners
Tired of spending on luxury conditioners that turn out to be mostly full of Sodium Chloride and Fragrance? The formulation guide features masques and conditioners inspired by some of the worlds’ most famous brands; but without harmful ingredients and jaw-dropping price tags.

💆‍♀️ Serums
What if someone told you that you could get access to hair oils you just find at high-end department stores, at a 95% discount? Because that’s exactly what you get with this guide. We’ve decoded what makes good hair oils good and then made them even better.

 💧Moisture treatments
Imagine the satisfying feeling when you settle into your self-care Sunday… your hair is soaking in a nourishing concoction that you’ve prepared yourself. You know what every ingredient does. You know they’re adding more bounce and shine to your strands, without nasty residue or build-up.

💪 Protein Treatments
A treatment that stays on your hair for as long as a protein treatment does has to be safe! Mix up one of our protein treatment formulations that span across different strength levels and spoil your hair with texture and moisture retention. …and don’t forget to try the vegan variation we’ve just added.

🎁 and more!
PLUS instructions on:
✔︎ How to preserve your products
✔︎ How to store them safely
✔︎ How to get the most out of them
✔︎ and more!
I’ve spent most of my adult life meticulously collecting these methods. In recent years, I took those methods a step further, perfecting them with testing and guidance from certified chemists and biochemists.

These methods and formulations have served me well, and I hope they go on to transform your hair as much as they have transformed mine.

Get ready to transition into a fully homemade luxury haircare routine. Your hair will thank you for it! 

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