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🖥 14 Day Challenge Video Training ($99)
📚14 Day Challenge Workbook ($19)
🧼 Beginner’s Guide to Making Haircare at Home ($29)
🥼Beginners Guide to Silicones & Sulphates ($29)
🍎 Better Hair & Health Lifestyle Manual ($15)
🕵️‍♀️ Haircare Ingredients Blacklist ($24)
🧘‍♀️ Waking Up Course by Sam Harris ($15)
💳 Exclusive Members-Only Community ($19)
🌟 Certificate of Completion

“Thoroughly Impressive! I really wasn’t expecting anything much from the 14 Day Haircare Challenge. I mean, what can you really accomplish in just 14 days? I have been participating in 30-Day, 60-Day and even 90-Day hair growth challenges for the last 3-4 years and I learned more in the first week of the challenge than I did in all those years.

Even better, the improvement in the health and strength of my hair was visible and touchable. Can’t wait to see the results over the next few months!”

Fran, US
via Trustpilot

“I decided to join the haircare challenge because I was fed up with conflicting hair care advice from hairstylists and dermatologists. I reached a point was I just could not experiment anymore and had no idea who go for advice.

The challenge has changed the way I am going to shop for hair care products and empowered me to start creating my own products too. The shampoo I made gave me visibly more soft and shiny hair which were very dull and dry earlier. I got more aware about the various factors affecting hair health.

I highly recommend this challenge to anyone who has been disappointed and left confused by the hair care advice out there marketed to us.”

Bhav, India
via Trustpilot

“The challenge included by far the best hair care tips I have ever received and it seems like you will never find them on youtube or anywhere else. I have curly hair and struggled a lot to find the right haircare routine but this challange makes haircare so logical!
100% recommended.”

Amy, Austria
via Trustpilot

“I am so glad did this challenge. learnt
about the hair care industry and how I paid
SO much money just to destroy my hair. The
blacklisted ingredients did exactly what was
written in the challenge. I finally understood
why my scalp became oily, split ends, flaky
scalp and hair loss

I learnt so much and I am going to
recommend this to my friends and family

Anusha, US
via Trustpilot

“I just loved the shampoo that we made! It immediately stopped my hair loss already after one use.”

via Trustpilot

Best thing I’ve ever done for my hair!
This course did more for my hair in 14 days than any salon specialist or high-end product in my entire life! My hair is drastically improved. Reduced hair loss and breakage, thicker, shinier, stronger, just overall healthier from applying what I learned in this course.”

Vanessa, US
via Trustpilot

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14-Day Hairqare Challenge Bundle (incl. all 8 Bonus Goodies)
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